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A mini caged beast! April 18, 2010

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It’s been another lovely day so we’ve spent most of it in the garden. Mini has taken to sitting in the run with Snowy, which is fine, but I found it rather amusing today.

I would like to first point out that I don’t keep my child in a cage and that she is able to get in and out herself easily and enjoys being in there with her pet.

First she took her colouring in there:


This picture is of an ‘evil rabbit’ apparently which is why it is green.


The rest of the day Mini spent scooting about the yard on her bike and chatting to my parents who popped round this afternoon.

As it was so nice, we had sausages for tea cooked on the BBQ. Mini decided to eat hers in the run. This made me laugh the most as Mini was eating her hot dog and Snowy was chewing on grass and dandelions at the same time. Unfortunately you can’t see Mini’s choice of outfit in this picture. She was wearing her new bikini, which is shorties and a crop top with her furry Ugg type boots and a lambswool sweater. She looked very cute in a funny sort of way!



A peaceful week April 17, 2010

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It’s still the Easter holidays and this week we have been making the most of being child free as Mini was with her Dad until Friday so we’ve been to the cinema to see Kick Ass, which was really good, to the Wig and Pen to see some live music, which wasn’t so good and to the County Arms to meet up with some of the Flubber Dubbers. It’s been nice to have some couple time and less washing and tidying up!

I was able to cycle to work as I didn’t have to get to school first so I saved on fuel and got some much needed exercise! I even managed a run on one of the lunchtimes, though didn’t fancy it on the second. I know I should have but my legs were tired just cycling in the morning and I didn’t want them to be burnt out before I managed to get home!

The BRIGHT cardi I’m knitting from the hand dyed wool is well under way now, with only the rest of the second sleeve and the making up and edgings to tackle. Mini may be able to actually wear it next week!


We went to Truro this morning to get a present for OH’s Dad and I was able to look around a few shops. I needed some zips, so I went to Truro Fabrics thinking I’d have to spend a fortune, only to score 8 zips for £2 from the rummage room! Delighted was not the word! I think I shall have to go back for another look. They aren’t invisible, which is my preference normally but for 25p each, I really don’t care! I got the right colours for all the projects that needed them too! I had a quick trawl around the charity shops and got some vintage patterns from from the 60s and 70s for 10p each.


I want to make the shirt dress to the right of the pattern, with the hip pocket flaps and I’ll probably make the wrap around skirt from the other misses pattern even though I drafted my own last summer, I think this one looks floatier. I like the bodice on the girl’s dress, although I think I’d make the skirt slightly less full for Mini.

I got myself a Fat Face linen dress which I’m looking forward to the summer to wear! I also got Mini a Bikini for £4.99 from TK Maxx. A blue one! She liked it though which I was surprised about and it was certainly cheaper than the Animal one she wanted first! I might try and make her a proper swimming cossie (which is what I wanted her to have) from the cotton/lycra I bought a few years ago. There is plenty and it’ll be good practice if nothing else!

These are the pillowcases I got from my Granny’s house. I think I’ll make Mini some PJ pants from the spotty ones, possibly a dress from the pink floral ones if there’s enough and shorts from the really old blue floral one as there is enough if I cut the waistband in two parts.


I wonder how many of these projects I’ll actually have the time to do?!!


A sad day April 13, 2010

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Yesterday was the day of my Granny’s funeral. She died nearly 2 weeks ago at the age of 81. It took place at the family church which is near to my house, as I now live in the village where my Granny grew up. She was buried with my Grandpa who died nearly 2 and a half years ago. They had been together since she was 15, so it was very hard for her when he passed away. They will both be very sadly missed. RIP Granny and Gramps.

My step-dad had spent many hours scanning old photographs and making a slide show set to music which was running on a loop throughout the wake. It was lovely to see all the old pictures and how beautiful Granny was when she was younger.

All the grandchildren got to choose some of Grandpa’s paintings, of which there were many! He was a wonderful painter who was self taught. I chose several oils which included Carn Brea Castle (the restaurant OH took me for my Birthday last year), Kynance Cove at The Lizard and Truro Cathedral. I also chose an unframed watercolour of Godrevy lighthouse and a pen and ink sketch, the subject of which is unknown. I also got to look through the linen cupboard and chose a few vintage cotton pillowcases and a tablecoth which I hope I can use to make something for Mini. Perhaps pyjama bottoms, shorts and a dress if there is enough fabric.

After the wake, most of the immediate family went back to the lodge my cousin is staying at for a few drinks. I ended up drinking quite a lot of wine while chatting and woke up this morning with a bit of a hangover. I think I should learn my lesson and never drink on a school night again, especially when I plan on cycling to work the next morning!! Oops!


A lovely summery spring day April 11, 2010

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After a nice lie in this morning, OH and I decided to hop on our bikes and cycle around the Great Flat Lode as the weather is still positively summer-esque. It was a nice ride, although there were a few bumpy sections that I wasn’t keen on, I’m more of a roadie I think!

Still, the landscape looked beautiful in the sunshine:


I wanted to pop down to the Seasalt Sale Shop to see if there were any bargains, which there were, just not anything that I wanted. Never mind, it just meant I didn’t spend any money.

Lunchtime had passed by that point and we were a bit peckish, so OH decided we should go to Miss Peapod’s. I was looking forward to going in there as it looks really nice from the outside and their ethos of reuse, recycling and locally sourced produce appeals to me. When we went in however, I thought the waitress was rude and when we’d chosen our table and had got up to look at the specials board, I got back to the table to find my bag had gone! It transpired that the waitress had thought that the previous customer had left it and took it to chase after them. To add insult to injury, when she gave it back, she said “I saw the knitting in it and thought ‘old ladies'”!!!!! Old ladies??!! Damn cheek! Then she tried to be nice by saying that she liked my wool and asked me what I was knitting!! I would have been quite happy to leave, but we stayed and had a nice meal, if nothing special, especially for the price. Still, you have to try these things. The location is nice and perhaps if it hadn’t been close to the time the kitchen closed the waitress wouldn’t have been so abrupt.

I have started Mini’s cardigan again today in the hand dyed wool. OH and I had fun(!) trying to ball the wool yesterday as it had gotten a bit tangled in the dyeing process. It is certainly bright and trying to knit a few rows in each ball so as not to have an obvious change from one ball to another is a bit of a ‘mare but I like the effect on the whole. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what it looks like when it’s done. Here’s the start of the back with the four balls I’m knitting from. Note the variation in shades and my reasoning for knitting from all four at once!


When we got home and had gotten changed, we had to drop the Lupo off to have some work done in Newquay and on the way back OH asked if we should go and get some dessert from Smokey Joes, our normal haunt if we fancy a cooked breakfast on a Sunday morning but they also do fabulous cakes! I said that we had all the ingredients to make a Lemon and Lime Cheesecake (one of OH’s favourites) so we came home and made cheesecake! I’m looking forward to having a slice later :).

I thought I’d share my recipe. It may not be ‘correct’ but it’s how I make it and we love it!

You will need:

2 200g packages of soft cheese (I use value, it’s fine)
1 200ml carton of double cream (I use Elmlea Light as it has less fat and keeps in the fridge for ages)
250g digestive biscuits (again, value is great)
100g unsalted butter
80g icing sugar
2 limes
1 lemon
a few squares of dark chocolate


Put the biscuits (and chocolate if using) into a food processor and whizz until the biscuits are like crumbs.
Meanwhile, melt the butter (I use the microwave).
Stir the melted butter into the biscuit crumbs until all of the biscuit is well coated and put the mixture into a springform cake tin pressing down well. Put into the fridge to set for about an hour (or place into the freezer while you do the cheese part for speed).

Put the two cartons of soft cheese into a large bowl and soften with a spoon. Put to one side.
Empty the cream into another bowl and whip until it creates firm peaks. Put to one side.
Zest the lemon and one of the limes and then juice the lemon and both limes.
Sieve the icing sugar into the soft cheese, add the zest and the lemon and lime juices and stir. Add the cream and whisk until smooth.
Add the cheese to the prepared biscuit base and chill until set.
Enjoy after a nice alfresco meal with a bottle of rose 😉

In true Blue Peter style, here’s one I made earlier.


Seems we’ve done a lot today. Not bad considering we didn’t actually leave home til gone 12!!


I’ve run out of yarn!!!

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I am so gutted. I have run out of the Rowan Handknit Cotton I was knitting a cardi in. This as far as I managed to get.


I guessed I would when I’d knit the back, but I had 4 more balls in a kind of Saffron shade too so I wanted to see how much it took to knit the front. It was 2 balls for the back, 1 ball each front so I wouldn’t have enough for the sleeves or the pretty edgings. I am so gutted. I have no other yellow yarn at all, so I’ll just have to rip it back and save it for another project. I think it’d make good accessories so maybe some Christmas knitting. On the plus side, I do have 4 balls of hand painted merino yarn which we dyed the day before yesterday, so I guess it’s a cardi from them!


Spring has finally sprung!

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At last! I think spring has finally sprung! Mini has spent most of the past two days playing in the garden and yard, Snowy has spent most of the time in her run which OH and his Dad made for her from materials laying around the yard, which is fab!




And I have been pre-washing my fabrics ready to make dresses. I just love seeing beautiful fabrics blowing on the line.


I also thought it was about time Mini had a new spring/summer cardi so offered her a pattern book to choose. She picked a really sweet cross-over cardi and I thought “Great, I have plenty of pink wool to knit that” but oh no, she decided that it had to be, wait for it……. YELLOW!!! Yellow? Has someone abducted my pink, girly, girl and left in her place a clone who likes other colours??? She told me all her clothes are pink and she wanted something in another colour. Fine I thought, went to the stash and pulled out 3 balls of Rowan Handknit Cotton in a mustard shade which I scored at the Charity shop, along with 4 balls in a darker mustard shade for £3.99!


The price tag on the ball bands says £2.35 each! Bargain! Luckily she approved as it was the closest thing to yellow I had!! I also offered that we could do some Kool-Aid dyeing of some cream Wendy Merino wool to knit another cardi, which she was delighted about.

Some friends came round in the afternoon as I was preparing the wool and dyes so Mini’s friend helped to dye some too. This is only the second time I’ve dyed with Kool-Aid as we don’t get it here, OH’s friend sent me a load last year and I used some more of that and this tutorial over at Knitty. Mini went for 5 colours and a hand painted sort of style. I like how it’s turned out, and although I’m not so sure how wearable the final garment will be, I have no doubt that Mini will wear it proudly and tell everyone she meets that she dyed the wool and her Mummy knitted the cardigan and the girls seemed to enjoy the dyeing and certainly loved the smell!


It’s certainly bright! Maybe it can go with the BRIGHT dress!


Free Knitted Beret Tutorial April 8, 2010

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I am very grateful to so many generous people who have posted free patterns, tutorials and the like so felt I would like to give a little back. This is a girls beret knit in the round using double knitting weight yarn. I have knit this a couple of times for my 5 year old daughter. It will fit a child from about 4 years to about 8 years I would think, depending on the child.


You will need:
A 40cm 3.25mm circular needle
A 40cm 4mm circular needle (or size to roughly obtain gauge)
Double knitting yarn, about 1 ball, although I like to use several colours as I like stripes!

Gauge: 12 sts and 13 rows in 4cmx4cm square on 4mm needles in stocking stitch (This is approximate and the gauge I achieved. I am a lazy knitter and have never done a proper gauge swatch in my life!)

Using 3.25mm needle, cast on 88 stitches loosely (or use the 4mm needle and switch to the 3.25mm for the first round)
Join the the round, placing marker at start of round and work 8 rounds of K2, P2 rib.
Change to 4mm needles and knit 1 round.
Work increase round as follows: *(K1, inc) x 15 (K2, inc) x7* rep * to * to last stitch, K1 (154 stitches)
Knit 17 rows straight

Begin crown decreases as follows:
1st Round: K1 *K15 K2tog, rep from * to end
2nd and alternate rounds : Knit
3rd Round: K1 *K14, K2tog
5th Round: K1 *K13, K2tog
7th Round: K1 *K12, K2tog
9th Round: K1 *K11, K2tog
Continue to decrease in this manner until 19 stitches remain.
K2tog for whole of next round until last stitch, K1. (10 sts).
Break yarn and thread through remaining stitches. Fasten off securely, weave in ends and you’re done! Admire your beautiful creation!

This pattern is provided, like most available on the internet, for personal use only. Please do not sell this pattern. If you wish to post to your site or blog, please link back to me here. I’d LOVE to see your finished projects if anyone is brave enough to try this pattern for themselves.